Mobility Workout for Musicians

Daily Workout For Touring & Studio Musicians

Warm up without your instrument.

 on tour or backstage.
Maintain basic fitness and conditioning without any equipment.




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Sebastien Heintz

a must for musicians!

loved every exercices and the general flow. gonna implement this class to my everyday practice now! especially loved that it includes movements from different background and sport. makes the class very meaningful and inspiring!

9 months ago
Al Nalder

Great course super simple to use, great for musicians or anyone else

I’ve been doing these exercises for about 6 months now and they really help to get me started in the day, give me a bit of time to low down and focus on the thing that is going to be long everything else I need to get done today... which is my body and my mind. It’s good to see them all together again some new ones too which complement excellently! the format is really easy to use and nicely put together too- thanks TL!

12 months ago
Sonya Ramsey

A must have course for all musicians

Musicians, at any level, inherently tend to wear down our bodies. I learned the hard way, having abused my body via little sleep, no exercising, and poor eating habits. A chronic illness forced me to take a hard look at what I was doing to my body. I needed to make massive changes. And I did...those changes helped, but I still needed something I could do regularly that didn't require me having to go to the gym everyday. TL's course is full of mobility & warm-up routines that can be used regularly. After my first session, I began to feel a difference, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually. I highly recommend you invest in this course - and use the workouts taught in the course every day! You'll be glad you did!

1 year ago

T.L. Mazumdar

  • Mobility Workout for Musicians
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    Harness your fitness to best serve your art.

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