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I help independent artists build holistic work-life systems and fulfilling careers on their own terms.

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all musicians want a successful career

❌ But most burn out in the 'hustle'.
 ❌ Sinking into self-doubt.  
❌ Trying to fulfill someone else's definition of success.

This is why so many musicians today are finally realising that the focus has to shift on inner work first. ✅

almost all musicians i know struggle with

🆘 Self-doubt and poor information.

🆘 Destructive competititiveness and peer pressure that is far removed from an authentic artistry.

🆘 Lack of understanding on how inner work actually leads to true success. 

Welcome to the Holistic Musician Academy

This is your home to work on your artistic journey. Far away from the noise. And in alignment to your true, inner voice.

My name's T.L. Mazumdar.
For 25 years, I have been an independent musician amidst multiple continents and major cities.

Collaborating with world-class artists of diverse backgrounds both as a performer and educator.

I'm based between Berlin and Asia.

And am probably working with someone like you right now.

(Unless I'm onstage, or in the studio).

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Kenny Werner (Pianist, NYC Times Best Selling Author of 'Effortless Mastery')
Sheila Chandra (World Music pioneer, bestselling author and artist coach)  
Ariel Hyatt (Writer/Teacher Founder: Cyber PR, Brooklyn, NYC)
Benny Rietveld (Bassist with Miles Davis, Sheila E, The Crusaders, MD: Santana band)
Udo Dahmen (Vice President, German Music Council)
Emily White (Partner, Collective Entertainment, Managed Amanda Palmer, Imogen Heap).
Vivienne Aerts (Artist, Educator, Psychologist. Berklee Faculty).

how I can help you

I offer musicians curated mentorship and coaching in:



Self Care


Artist Development



'..zeroed in on the themes I was struggling with and came up with ways in which I could overcome them.'

As an artist who got a massive debut at a young age, I was struggling with an identity crisis. Everything felt meagre in comparison to 'playback singer' with A.R. Rahman.
T.L. swiftly zeroed in on the themes I was struggling with and came up with ways in which I could overcome them.
He treats you like and equal  and will, in fact, time and again insist you challenge everything he says.

Madhura Talluri
Studio/Live Vocalist & Singer-Songwriter. Music-therapist.
Chennai, India.

'..a lot of space cleared up as I understood where to channel my efforts, and what is not worth wasting energy on.'

You'll notice quickly how everything happens on an eye-level. Which means you're both student and the teacher. T.L. did a really great job of highlighting the different aspects of working in the industry. Especially understanding the differences between a 'freelancer' and 'entrepreneur'.

So a lot of space cleared up as I understood where to channel my efforts, and what is not worth wasting energy on. 

Tim Sensbach
Studio Musician/Artist.
Berlin, Germany.

''...I felt supported, seen, encouraged, guided, expanded and beautifully taught throughout the sessions. 

T.L. helped me take the pressure of myself and navigate the elusive expectations from society and the music industry.

I feel much more comfortable within myself now as a singer and musician, and my respect for my individual journey has developed considerably.

He helped me see that I am not alone with my struggles, which has felt like a LOT of weight lifted!

I thoroughly enjoy his ability to mix practical action steps with philosophical and emotional discussions. I really benefitted from the holistic style, and can honestly say his mentorship is exactly what I needed to grow as an artist.

Katja McKinlay
Nottingham, UK

'...resulted in an epiphany on how I needed to take courage and put myself out there.'

This was a synergetic experience where both the 'student' and the 'mentor' have the reigns to control the direction of the journey.

Active listening led to thought-provoking questions that pin-pointed some of the biggest challenges I hadn't even realised I was facing. And were intricately connected to my musical journey.

T.L.'s assignments and exercises sounded easy at first, but took more effort then I'd counted on once I started. But it never felt like instruction from a teacher to a student. More like a conversation between friends. And resulted in an epiphany on how I needed to take courage and put myself out there. 

Oais Halim
Producer. Composer. Educator.
Gujarat, India.

'..such a comfortable, co-creative and liberal space for professional, mental and emotional exploration and growth'.

T.L. is a magician!! Every session was filled with profound insight, information and expansive perspectives. He has a way of seeing things deeply at their core, sharing knowledge and providing solution in simple, natural and unique ways.

It was such a comfortable, co-creative and liberal space for professional, mental and emotional exploration and growth. He is a fabulous mentor and a mind-blowing artist himself and just a dynamic, kind-hearted and passionate human who leads by example.

Sharanya Natrajan
Studio/Live Vocalist & Singer-Songwriter.Vocal-coach.
Mumbai, India.

A message from T.L. 

Let's build a community of artists who can count on each other for safe spaces.

I believe that you have all that it takes to be the artist you were meant to be. If you are willing to put in the work.

And more importantly, understanding what the work is!

My client and mentees learn:
 💥 How to identify ways to unpack and deal with self-doubt and rejection and use them to your advantage.  

💥 The optimal and fastest way to determine where you fit into the 'music- industry'.  

💥 How you can transition from being a 'frustrated artist' to defining 'success' on your own terms.  

💥 Understand Authentic collaboration and be the best collaborator you can be. 

I will give you the precise tools and methods I used to achieve this for myself.

So you don't have to keep looking over your back.

And concentrate on what you really want to instead.
Make awesome art. 


I call it a 'Discovery Call'

We zoom for 15 minutes to check if we can be a good fit to collaborate.

There are no strings attached.

What people are saying

'...T.L. gave my eye-opening views that helped improve my overall personality as a musician.'

My biggest challenges were learning to say 'no' and prioritising my mental health. I would pay attention to the smallest details and let it affect me negatively. T.L. addressed aspects of being a musician that no-one really talks about. We discussed mindset, getting over writers block, strategies to work with fellow artists and collaborators, performance etiquette and most importantly, self-care.

Sarah Shipchandler
Pune, India.

 Something that really resonated with me strongly was how the interconnections between apparently separate topics like 'self-care', 'Being' authentic, 'finding your core', 'the why' or even spiritual aspects of music were addressed during the course. And all of it in context to the artists practice. 

Ferdinand Kavall
Award-winning Producer & Composer.
Berlin, Germany.