I help you build a healthy and sustainable relationship with your art.

Piano Coaching

1 on 1 customized lessons for Songwriters, Music-Producers and Creators.

Artist Counselling

I'm a certified counsellor and can help you navigate the volatile lifesyle of an artist.

Fitness For Musicians

I'm a certfied personal trainer and nutritionist and obesity survivor and train musicians and artists.

Hi. I'm T.L.  🙂

I am passionate about helping people who struggle with limiting beliefs connect to their inner artist.    

Maybe you’ve always wanted to start your musical journey and grappled with self doubt?    

Or are a practising artist looking for support?  

Or maybe you want to up your fitness game? Thats a little tricky for us artists right?  

Well, I'm a severe obesity survivor who thought he'd never make it to his 40's. Back in t he day, I couldn't climb up the stairs without gasping for breath. I was 21.  

Thats me 👆🏽today. In my 40's. And I did it sans meds or surgery.  

More pictures HERE if you like.  

Over the years I've noticed that contrary to what we are often told, music, art, health and mindset are based on the same foundational blocks.  

And the lessons I have learnt along this ongoing journey are something I would be honoured to share with you.  

I also grew up on 4 countries and 5 continents and have a truly global lens.

Rolling Stone Magazine was kind enough to say I ''...personify Multiculturalism''.

I try to use this lens to enhance my empathy skills.  

Let's talk about you. Book a free meet and greet now to see if we are a good fit to collaborate.  On your goals in life.  

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