FREE Songwriting Course. The Songwriter Mindset

The Songwriter Mindset

Nurturing Creativity on a Daily Basis

A Mini-Course Based on Lectures
at the KM Music Conservatory.


Most people try to leave themselves at the mercy of random bouts of inspiration to write a song. But those who succeed have figured out a system that lets them do it regularly.

Hi there,  

If you’re like most songwriters and composers starting out, then you’re probably sat in your studio or at an instrument hoping inspiration will strike again today.  

That’s definitely a total legitimate way of going about it (as I will talk about in this workshop).

In fact, some would say it’s their favourite way to write a song. And that’s absolutely fine.

But there’s one huge, looming problem with this approach.
You can’t rely upon it!

One day it’ll be great. And the next, nada.  

You know what I’m talking about right?

It’s the kind of situation that can make you feel powerless and lost. Make you question your inherent creativity. And lose your confidence as you descend down a rabbit hole of self-doubt.  

In worst case scenario, it might make you wonder if you ought to give up.

But wait! It doesn’t have to be that way!

Instead of letting yourself be completely dependent on those days where the music just flowed, imagine if you could grow the basic skills that make the flow a natural side effect.

Would that interest you?  

If yes, then I might have something that could help.

The Songwriter Mindset: A simple mini-course that integrates creativity into your lifestyle.

By giving you an overview of common obstacles all songwriters deal with regardless of experience. And providing solutions.  

Here Are 3 Good Reasons Why This Course Can Help You.  

Reason 1:

Anybody can learn this. You don’t have to be what others define as ‘talented’ to be an authentic songwriter.  

Reason 2:  

You don’t have to depend on something abstract. Or wait for things to happen. Growing a mindset that attracts the kind of inspiration you are looking for is something you can start working on right now!

Reason 3:  

These strategies are non-intrusive. And once you understand them it’ll be like a veil has been lifted. It’s a revelation. Not a discovery.  

The Songwriter Mindset is a Mini-course that helps turn songwriting into your lifestyle.

Without falling prey to the constant cycle of self-doubt and creative blocks.

This course shows you how to stop procrastinating, attempting random approaches to creativity and start living life in a naturally creative way.

Integrating simple tools and approaches that help you overcome the regular struggles.  

Who is This Course For?

Intermediate & advanced practitioners.

If you've never played an instrument before or been involved in the songwriting process in some way, this is not the right course for you.
(Consider  Personal Coaching to get started instead).

What you get:

Three simple modules with mini excerpts from a lecture with a summary and simple assignments (Preview Below). 

These are not endless pages of material you have to drown yourself in.

Instead, they offer bite-sized impulses to your thought processes.

Impulses that help you shift your perspective.

And create from a space of trust. Instead of fear.      

Baby steps. Giant growth.    

Course Curriculum

T.L. Mazumdar