Express Yourself.

There is a song within us all.

Maybe you know yours already.

And want to learn how to write better.

Produce better.

Do you need me to achieve this?


But I can help.

I will hold your hand and hold you accountable to your own goals.

And share simple, effective and time-tested tools to make the journey quicker.

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Game Plan

Through a set of 10 x one on one sessions, we will walk through your goals and develop a program customised for you. 


Learn the basics of production. Writing, arranging. Production skills like EQ, Compression, Reverb, FX. And how to use that knowledge to make it work for you. 

Counselling / Hand-holding

Together we will examine your strengths, weakness and challenges to build a system that works for you. You will have my regular
E-mail support along the way. 

Course Pricing

  • Production & Songwriting
  • 350


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