The Piano: The Mother of All Instruments

Whether you are a hobby musician, music producer, or songwriter, having a grasp of the basics of piano can be an advantageous skill for you.

Can anyone learn to play it? In my opinion, the answer is yes.

Do you need me to learn? No, you do not necessarily need me to learn, but I am here to assist you.

I can provide guidance in taking your first steps in playing the piano, offering support and holding you accountable to your own goals.

Additionally, I can share simple, effective, and time-tested tools that can help accelerate your learning journey. 

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Who would benefit the most from taking this Piano Course?

1. This course is ideal for producers and songwriters looking to enhance their piano playing and composition skills.
 2. If you are an adult beginner looking for a comprehensive piano course that covers the basics.
It's designed to provide a strong foundation in piano playing, regardless of your preferred music genres. 

Your Goals

Through a set of 10 x one on one sessions, we will walk through your goals and develop a program customised for you.

The Basics

Learn the basics of the Piano. Harmony. technique. And how to use that knowledge to make it work for you. 

Counselling / Hand-holding

Together we will build a system that works for you. Make sure you learn the tools you need for your musical goals.

Key Takeaways from this course: what you learn!

  1. Proper Body Alignment and Piano Posture: The Importance of Your Body in Playing the Piano
  2. Unveiling the Connection between Your Hands and the Piano
  3. Introducing Your First Piano Repertoire: 5-10 Pieces Perfect for Your Level 
  4. Learning the Basics of Sight-Reading: Understand Treble and Bass Clef
  5. The Basics of Music Theory: Exploring Scales, Melodies, Chords, and Arpeggios.

Study piano  anywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This course is completely online, allowing you to study from any location around the globe

Yes, in order to fulfill the requirement, a digital piano or even a keyboard / MIDI controller with full-sized keys and built-in sounds is necessary

Absolutely! In fact, I can provide you with a much more comprehensive experience compared to an in-person demonstration. With the help of close-up visuals and specialized software, I can show you detailed close-ups of the keys being played, allowing you to have a crystal-clear understanding of the techniques and intricacies involved. This level of precision and clarity is something that might be challenging to achieve in a face-to-face setting

Yes. All lessons can be recorded and stored on your own private vault on the academy or be sent to you for download.

I have a background in Jazz, with a conservatory diploma in Jazz Piano Performance, a Bachelor's degree in Music Production and Arrangement from the Pop Akadmie BW, Germany, and a Master's Degree in Popular Music Performance from the London College of Music.

I have over 20 years of experience teaching at conservatories in Germany, where I am a EU-certified teacher. My expertise ranges from teaching beginners to Masters students

No. This course provides a genre-independent curriculum that is designed to offer the best resources for your piano playing. The goal is to ensure that you have access to the most comprehensive facilities, regardless of the genre you prefer. There are no restrictions on the type of music you can explore in future.

Classical Piano music is a genre of European music that is deeply rooted in tradition. However, it is important to note that it is a very specific musical genre and not compulsory to study in order to learn the fundamentals of the piano or music. It is not necessarily  the 'ultimate standard' for all genres and approaches of music. Genres such as Jazz, Funk, Rnb, and Neo Soul require careful attention to specific technical nuances that are unique to each of these genres

Yes, but please get in touch only in exceptional circumstances. This course is specifically designed for adults

Yes you can. This is one of the best courses to start with. I recommend moving onto a monthly plan if you are satisfied with the results right after. 

The board of directors is discussing this as we speak.

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