The Holistic Artist

'' Get your chops together for the divine to come through'' -- Quincy Jones

Your journey starts between the ears.


Travels to the heart.


And thats when you are the right conduit for the music to flow. The art to flow.

Make no mistake. The journey is yours.

And you don't need me for this.

But I can help make it easier.

The amount of rejection, self-doubt and pain that can come with an artists lifestyle needs special understanding and care to unpack, process and transform into a healthy one. And having some support enroute, can make the world of difference.

I will hold your hand and hold up the mirror to help you find that sweet spot between working from a space of love, not fear, without compromising on the accountability on your goals.

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Course Curriculum


Through a set of 10 x one on one sessions, we will walk through your goals and develop a sustainable strategy customised for your lifestyle. 


Once we have a roadmap, we start walking the walk. And walk with joy. Where arriving at your destination is a natural and fulfilling side-effect. Not a deadline.

Counselling / Hand-holding

Accumulate a tool-kit of habits and hacks to discover the true artist in you. Create from a space of fearless heart-centredness.

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